Nepalese Good luck Coin

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Nepal Coin are a symbol of prosperity, Good luck, Wealth luck. believed to attract good fortune and prosperity.
Nepal Coin helps in ushering in positive vibes and energy around the user and thus brings to him desired prosperity and happiness in life. It empowers the devotional energy that lies in us
Place this coin in your wealth sector like purse, pocket, wallets, handbag, cash register to stimulate the energy to draw more money in your way. It is also an evil amulet protection factor
Place Nepal Coin into the wealth vases or ships that you keep around your home. Filling them with treasures symbolizes an everlasting flow of prosperity.

Product Code: 102003

Weight: 30

Metal: NA

Color: Golden

Dimension: NA

Stone Color: NA

Frequently asked questions and answers

A Nepalese Good Luck Coin is a traditional Nepalese coin that is thought to bring its owner good luck and prosperity. It is frequently carried as a personal talisman or kept in homes and businesses for good luck and energy.

The appearance of a Nepalese Good Luck Coin can vary, but it usually has intricate designs and symbols on both sides. It may be engraved with deities, animals, auspicious symbols, or cultural motifs representative of Nepal's rich heritage and traditions.

Nepalese Good Luck Coins are used in various ways. Many people keep them in their wallets, pockets, or bags as a personal luck charm. Some people keep the coins in their homes, shops, or offices to bring prosperity and ward off evil spirits. They can also be used as decorative items or given as gifts on special occasions.

No, Nepalese Good Luck Coins are not legal tender and cannot be exchanged for official currency. They are more valuable in terms of cultural and spiritual significance than monetary value.

The cost of Nepalese Good Luck Coins varies depending on factors such as design, craftsmanship, material, rarity, and seller. Price can also be influenced by market demand and availability. has Nepalese Good Luck Coins starting at Rs. 250.